We are thrilled to announce that LANTEC, with its extensive experience partnering with Microsoft and having held Legacy Gold status, is elevating its partnership to a new level. We have achieved the Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure status, enabling us to maximize the potential and benefits offered by Microsoft.

Experience the advantages of collaborating with us, an official Microsoft partner, with the relevant qualifications, expertise, and experience. Our successful projects and certified specialists at both the standard and Advanced levels ensure confidence in working with our company.

We specialize in Azure infrastructure implementation and migration, and our expertise in this field is widely recognized. Our clients from various industries receive prompt and high-quality solutions to meet their needs. Regardless of the complexity of the task, we can quickly and efficiently ensure the successful realization of your project.

When you choose us, you gain more than just access to Azure resources. You gain an experienced partner ready to provide fast and qualified assistance at every stage. Our team knows how to maximize your potential in cloud solutions and ensure the success of your business.

Rely on our competence, Microsoft's trust, and our ability to provide you with the benefits offered by the latest technology. Make the right choice for your business. Deepening expertise and access to cutting-edge solutions:

  • Our experience in partnership with Microsoft is reinforced by the new Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure status, allowing us to deepen our expertise in infrastructure development and support. We gain access to advanced technologies and tools that enable us to create the most efficient and reliable solutions for you.
  • Strengthening status and customer trust:

Our transition from Legacy Gold to Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure underscores our dedication and successful collaboration with Microsoft over an extended period. This new status demonstrates our ability to provide high-quality and innovative solutions that meet your needs.

  • Support and resources from Microsoft:

The new status provides access to a broader range of support, training, and resources from Microsoft. We receive expert support, access to technical documentation, and consultations that help us develop projects and effectively utilize Microsoft technologies.

LANTEC's transition from Legacy Gold to Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure also brings significant benefits to our clients. This new status demonstrates expertise and the ability to provide advanced technological solutions that meet their needs. Here are a few advantages our clients gain from collaborating with a partner holding Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure status:

  • Reliability and quality of solutions:

The status reflects our ability to provide high-quality and reliable solutions based on Microsoft products. Our clients can be confident in receiving advanced technologies and efficient solutions that meet their needs. Expert consultation: We have access to a wide range of resources and expert support from Microsoft. Our clients can receive guidance and support in implementation, configuration, and maintenance of infrastructure based on Microsoft products. This helps them effectively utilize technologies and maximize their resources.

  • Innovative solutions:

By attaining Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure status, we gain access to cutting-edge technologies and the latest developments from Microsoft. We can provide our clients with innovative solutions that help them remain competitive and implement advanced practices in their respective industries.

The transition from Legacy Gold to Solution Partner Designation Infrastructure reflects our long-standing and successful collaboration with Microsoft. We take pride in our partnership with Microsoft and the utilization of their advanced technologies to achieve success.